“Summer Dawn in Kansas City” Anthologized

Alan’s poem, “Summer Dawn in Kansas City” will be anthologized in the 2017 publication of Kansas Time + Place.


Lost and Found

Lost and Found is Alan’s working title for a collection of published and unpublished poems written over several decades. He seeks a publisher.

“Striking Bone” – an American Renga

A renga is a five-line poem–haiku of 3 lines + 2 line couplet. Japanese has a 5-7-5-7-7 syllable count for the five lines. American English varies this with some liberties, as shown below. The poem then is passed to the next person (sake is included in the traditional Japanese setting but not here), who composes a poem that responds to previous verse (word, sound, image, or idea). And then the poem is passed to the next writer, to build a  conversation. In this renga, seven poets participate: Denise Low, Ken Eberhart, Barbara Montes, GeneAnn Newcomer, Diane Willie, Erika Zeitz, and Alan Proctor.

Read it HERE on Denise Low’s blog.